I might say goodbye

I've been with this blog for a long time, but writing in it regularly is becoming burdensome and impossible. I simply cannot write an entry when I have nothing to say; that isn't fair to me or to you, dear friends... and quite frankly, as this is a personal blog, I do not think I can make my life sound interesting enough to the reader who does not know me without putting out there some private affairs for all the world to see. (Except for China. My blog has been blocked there - another reason to maybe say farewell.)

I cannot post regularly. I might post rarely, maybe not at all. I am thinking of starting some other blog, maybe a tumblr, to share random opinions and such instead of personal life; I think I may really leave here for ever, or if not, for a very long time.

Apologies, and farewell. Thanks for reading.

Liberated! (and still quite liberal)

A great thing happened today, my friends, something not only great but epic in its proportions: the finals ENDED. YES. YESYESYESYESYES. I could not be happier. To further brighten that point, I aced them; I'm still rejoicing in my heart. I want to throw a party. A whole burdensome year of stress is over. I now have two months of utter freedom... YES.

Having finally completed my freshman year, I feel obliged to give some sort of review of it; out of five stars, I shall give it two.





A Political Theory, with Some Tea

At first, I was going to write a long ramble on the Tea Party movement in the US, when I suddenly realized that I hardly had any right to do so. I don't understand their motives enough to be able to criticize them justifiably. It's true that they are rather conservative, and I am rather radical in my thoughts, so it is natural that I disagree with their movement. Some of the signs they parade around carrying have slogans that seem ridiculous, like "I didn't know I lived in Russia" - come now, dears, let's appreciate the freedom you have of carrying such a sign without getting shot by the NKVD, shall we?

Really, guys, it is not fair to call Obama a socialist. Yes, he is indulging in some socialist policies, but I feel that this is completely necessary after what just happened to our economy. Actually, I like to say that what just happened to the economy was caused by an excess of capitalism. Just think - the housing market collapse was something that could only happen in a capitalist society. It was caused by desire and greed. And thus, in order to kind of fix this excess, we do need to balance it with some socialist policies... it does make sense.

Something I'm seeing more and more everywhere is the need for balance... in fact, I believe that a lot of problems are caused by the unbalance of two extremes. You see this in politics all the time - one of the trends in the political spectrum is that corruption increases towards the ends and decreases towards the center. At the far left you have anarchy, which, realistically, is actually the most primitive form of capitalism. It's human sinfulness running around unrestricted. It's survival of the fittest, but without government to keep these moderately under control. One cannot deny that there is some amount of corruption in every human soul, which we suppress by means of self-control. On a larger scale, is not government just humanity's form of self-control? It makes sense.

Yet too much government is always harmful. At the far right, you have fascism, which is when corruption takes over the government. Now, you have corruption in power, versus anarchy, which can be said to be corruption with freedom... which is worse?

The safest place, of course, is the center.

This is all rather basic, and nothing very new, yet I shall attempt to take my reasoning just a little bit farther and derive some new stuffs... I like writing random essays and the like.

As for life... this morning I took the ABRSM grade 7 exams for piano. I had skipped grade 6, so was admittedly rather nervous, especially for the sight-reading. As it turns out, I did fairly well, so have very little to worry about... hopefully...

Life is good, QED!

Returning With A Flash of Light

It's been so long since my last post... and it does seem that I apologize too often for this! Yet I've decided that this blog is definitely worth reviving, and so I shall revive it. So very much has happened since my last post, but if I were to summarize it all, I would hardly know where to begin!

So instead I'll begin with today, during which a startling epiphany struck me - a positive thought, one that I can share without any stereotypical teenage angst. One might call it a flash of light in the darkness, as life has been quite stressful lately, to say the least. My epiphany was this: that most of my stress is based on worry, and most of my worry is completely out of proportion to whatever I'm worrying about at the time. Last night, I could not sleep for the thought of a homework assignment that I had left at school and a math test that I felt uncertain of. Yet this morning, I somehow managed to complete the homework before it was due and to emerge from my test with at least a low A. Later, it struck me that this was simply another item in a series, and that there was a pattern. Things are never as bad as I expect them to be - and my expectations are what's keeping me up at night, not reality!

This makes me happy, for perhaps I can finally stop over-reacting to every mistake I make in life. That would be good, for I know I shall make many. So many trivial things won't matter in the long run, and perhaps I need to keep that in mind. There is something that people who know me well have probably heard me say often: "I'll be fine; I always am." That phrase has become something of a mantra for me, but only now do I realize that it's actually true. Nothing happens that I can't get through and forget about in a week...

This gives me hope.

Life can be quite stressful. When asked to define stress, I like to tell people that it is when you do everything you can possibly do every day, without breaks or relaxation, but still, at the end of the day, realize that you've forgotten something that will cost you dearly later. This seems to happen to me more and more often lately, which is a sign that I am beginning to "die" (as in, I'm running on very low energy at the moment). Yet I think there is something circular here, and that by staying positive (or by refraining from evolving into a rebellious delinquent), I'll be able to recharge.

Next - concerning this blog. I shall do my best to post at least once a week. So please, my dear readers, come back to me! I know I've lost you all by now, but I'm willing to start again.
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